Our Vision

Chandy Loos see a future where all communities, everywhere, have access to proper sanitation facilities and clean, reliable water. With these two pillars of life comes better hygiene and improved health, which, in turn, leads to increased productivity and more prosperous communities.

Our Mission

At Chandy Loos Foundation, health is at the forefront of all our initiatives. We empower communities and youths to play active roles in identifying problems and implementing solutions related to their health and environment. Our projects place an emphasis on hands-on learning to equip communities with comprehensive health, sanitation, nutrition, education, and related support services. We aim to end the practice of open defecation in rural communities. Our mission is to propagate healthy lifestyles in relation to hygiene, sanitation and the environment. There is a correlation between poor health and growth/productivity. High disease and illness rates in a nation affect its ability to prosper and thrive, as the population cannot function beyond meeting the most basic survival needs. Our initiatives will serve to increase the country’s productivity and prosperity while having a significant impact on morbidity and mortality rates.

Get Involved

Underdevelopment in rural communities is an ongoing challenge that needs to be addressed if the standard of living is to be improved in developing nations such as Nigeria. Rural communities are often lacking access to quality health care, sanitation facilities, and clean water that is easily accessible.

Chronic lack of funding in these areas limits the ability of rural individuals in communities to survive and thrive. In Nigeria, rural communities have the poorest health and sanitation schemes. A greater percentage do not have toilets or access to potable water to drink or even wash their hands. This increases the rates of cholera, typhoid fever, and other diarrheal diseases. These diseases directly affect the socioeconomic status of these areas. Chandy Loos Foundation is taking a step toward the improvement of health and sanitation in rural areas in Nigeria, starting with Ondo state. We are calling on individuals, corporate bodies, and organizations to join this movement to become partners in tackling these enormous challenges.

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